Life of the Deacon


Course Description

This course is designed to instruct and help one who desires and is called to the ministry of deacon and to understand the responsibilities.  This course will deal directly with the life of the deacon and will include the works of the deacon and his family.  It will also deal directly with the way the deacon handles everyday life including; personal time with God, family relationships, and living integrity when behind closed doors (accountability).  This course will also deal with teaching, preparation, how to deal with church matters, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. 

Course Cost and Expenses

The Life of the Deacon 12 week course has a one time fee of 75.00.  This fee covers of the online expenses, and covers the cost of the instructors may incur for the duration of the course pertaining to the course itself, as well as any other costs the ministry may accumulate pertaining to this course.

This does not include the cost of the books this course will require.  Books will have to be purchased by the student, and it is the students responsibility to have the books by the time required in the  Course Syllabus.  (Note: This is a year long course and all books do not have to be purchased at one time but rather throughout the year.)  

See below to see the list of books required.


This is not an all in one course but rather a guide for the deacon to lead a faith-filled, Christ centered, mission lifestyle that will be contagious so that souls will be saved by the gospel.

Length of Course

This course is designed to be a challenging sixteen-week course, pushing the deacon to their limits. 


The assignments of this course are required and are continuous throughout the course.  These assignments are based off of what the role of a deacon is and therefore if one chooses to not complete the assignments they will not fulfill the role of a deacon very long

Measured Learning Goals

Upon Completion of this course the deacon will have a good working understanding with the ability to:

  1. Understand and know how to spend good quality time with the Lord

  2. How to live a Godly life (in a world of sin, with integrity)

  3. Prioritize the responsibilities of a deacon with the rest of his responsibilities

  4. Understand what the role of the deacon is

  5. Lead others to fulfill God’s mission

  6. Share the gospel regularly

  7. Study the Bible in depth

  8. Utilize tools in order to study the Bible deeper

  9. Teach Scripture effectively

  10. Disciple new believers

  11. Engage other cultures in the local community with the gospel

  12. Engage globally with the gospel

  13. Engage the community with the gospel

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Required Resources