The Doctrine of Prayer


Course Description

An analytical and exegetical study of the doctrine of prayer.  This course is a look at prayer in the Old and New Testament as well as the focus on understanding how to pray.  This is an involved course and the student will be encouraged to be in prayer throughout the course


 Prayer is the most important part of the Christian Life. Yet prayer has become the one part of the Christian life that tends to suffer.  This course is designed to help the student engage the throne of God and understand that this is truly the Christians strength.

Course Cost and Expenses

The Life of the Deacon 8 week course has a one time fee of 75.00.  This fee covers of the online expenses, and covers the cost of the instructors may incur for the duration of the course pertaining to the course itself, as well as any other costs the ministry may accumulate pertaining to this course.

This does not include the cost of the books this course will require.  Books will have to be purchased by the student, and it is the students responsibility to have the books by the time required in the  Course Syllabus.  (Note: This is a year long course and all books do not have to be purchased at one time but rather throughout the year.)  

See below to see the list of books required.

Length of Course

This course is designed to be a challenging eight-week course.  


The assignments for this course are due week by week.  There will be three papers and one plan of action written in this course (Prayer in the Old Testament Paper, The New Testament Prayer, The Life of Prayer Paper, and My Plan of Prayer) The student will also create an outline of the events and sayings that only appear in the gospel of John.

Measured Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

 A. Understand the Biblical view of prayer

 B. Have a plan of action in their own personal life

 C. Be able to explain and understand the doctrines of prayer

 D. Draw nearer to God in all circumstances

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Required Resources


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