The Basics of Christianity 101


Course Description

An analytical and exegetical study of the core Christian beliefs ranging from the Word of God, the trinity, to the Christian life.


Every person that becomes a follower of Christ need to learn what it means to follow Jesus, and also get to know the One they have chosen to follow.  This course does just that.

Course Cost and Expenses

The Basics of Christianity 8 week course is free of charge. 

This does not include the cost of the books this course will require.  Books will have to be purchased by the student, and it is the students responsibility to have the books by the time required in the  Course Syllabus.  (Note: This is a year long course and all books do not have to be purchased at one time but rather throughout the year.)  

See below to see the list of books required.

Length of Course

This course is designed to be an in depth 8-week course. 


The assignments for this course are simple and not for grade but rather for the student to further their understanding of the Word of God.  The two assignments will be a journal of the course and then completing the workbook that will be assigned in each week’s module.


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