The Key to Discipleship


Have you ever sat and considered what it means to be a disciple of Christ? Sure, you’ve probably learned about the 12 disciples before. But what does being a disciple of Christ actually look like for the believer? One of the things that has stuck out to me is the importance of maintaining a teachable heart.

You see, a disciple is more than a follower. A disciple is a learner. Think of it as being a student. I recently learned this while attending a year-long discipleship program. Don’t worry, you do not have to go through an entire year’s worth of study in order to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, you will need to possess a teachable heart.

“Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples” was the request of one of Jesus’ disciples in Luke 11:1. It was after this request that Jesus taught what is known by many as The Lord’s Prayer. There are three things that stand out to me in this verse:

  1. This disciple recognized his need for instruction.

  2. He took the responsibility in asking Jesus to teach them.

  3. Jesus answered his request by showing them how one should pray.

Just like the disciple in this passage, we too must have a desire to learn before we can grow in our spiritual lives. And while having a desire to learn and grow in Christ is important, we all know that taking action is the first step in making any good desire a reality.

Ultimately, we know that no matter how much action we take, we are unable to live like Christ on our own. Try as we may, we still end up falling short. So, what is the key to being a disciple of Christ? The answer is to maintain a teachable heart while relying on His strength to apply what has been taught.

Whether you have been walking with the Lord for many years, or if you are a new believer who is just beginning your relationship with Christ, know that if you have a teachable heart, you too can be a student who learns from the greatest Teacher, Jesus Christ. May God bless you as you seek to learn and grow in your walk with Him!


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