At Truth Walks Ministries, we offer two different types of courses.  Our Enrichment Courses are to be an encouragement to you as you grow in your faith.  Pushing you to dig deep into the Word of God.  These courses are also designed to help you to be able to minister to those around you more effectively.  These courses are offered free of charge and are offered in the online format, so that you can study wherever you are.  The resources that are provided by these courses are downloadable so that you can keep these resources for later study as well.  

These Courses Include ...

The Gospel of John 101

The Basics of Christianity

The Gospel of Mark 101

 In Depth Bible Study

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We also offer Leadership and Growth Courses.  These courses are designed to challenge and encourage the students in these courses.  These courses were designed to train the minister, the deacon, and anyone desiring to step into ministry.  These courses will test the mind and challenge the heart and lifestyle of anyone desiring to serve God in ministry.  

These Courses Include ...

The Life of the Pastor

The Life of the Deacon

The Doctrine of Prayer

The Gospel of John 250

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